Saturday, February 1, 2014

How does perspective change the way you "see" yourself?

In class today we took pictures of ourselves doing portraits in different points of view. We learned about the Rule of Third's and how a certain position can change the way you view a picture. I chose two views to post which are the worms eye view and the normal eye view. Worms eye view is a view of something from a lower level and a normal eye view is at your normal eye level. The first picture I chose was worm eye view because it shows that the photographer was looking up at me from a lower level and I was standing off to the side in the picture. The second viewpoint I chose was a normal eye view that is taken at the same eye level as the photographer. It's a straight on picture and is more boring than looking at the one that is off to the side.

The way I'm positioned in each photo changes the way you look at them and how you feel about them. My body language changes in each picture. In the black and white one, the way I'm standing with my back to the camera makes it more intriguing and question what's happening in that picture. In the colored picture, there is nothing interesting to look at besides my sweatshirt, but that tells nothing about me or the picture. What I do like about the picture though, is that you can tell I'm smiling in it and that I'm proud to wear that sweatshirt. In the black and white one, you don't know how I'm feeling because my face is hidden. While taking pictures you should think about the Rule of Third's, which is basically like imagining that the image you are trying to take is split into 4 different parts. Each part of the image should display a point of interest in your frame. Placing an object or person into a different position or viewpoint can change the way we view the picture.

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  1. I really appreciated your introducing the assignment and your description of the two views that you used in these photos! I wanted to know more about your thinking about these two photos: why do you think the second one is more "boring?" Say more about why it is more boring to you, and provide some examples or details from the photo. Why is the first one more "interesting" to you? (if one example /detail has to do with the rule of thirds, make sure to tell the reader what the rule of thirds is!).