Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Family Photo

This is a photo of my mom, my brother, and I. We're sitting in a pink lawn chair and the shadow of my dad taking the picture is in the background holding my phone. My brother has a snapback hat on and shorts and a t-shirt. I'm wearing a grey sweatshirt and jeans. My mom has a long sleeve black shirt on. In the background theres grass, trees, and some plants/ferns. We're all smiling and squinting our eyes because of the sun. There's lots of shadows in the back left hand corner of the picture and there is a plastic sheet behind my brother's head in the picture, which he uses for shooting hockey pucks. 

Outside of the photo, my dad is standing behind the camera and my dog is probably there. My house and the deck to it is behind where my dad is standing and the rest of my family is there because we were having a party that day. There is also a garage that isn't attached to my house and cars were parked in the driveway. My brother's hockey net is outside the picture and lots of trees are in my backyard but they are cut out. I have a fire pit and seating area in my backyard as well. The bike path is also in the back of my house and people pass by all the time riding bikes, walking, running either with kids, by themselves, or with dogs. 

This is one of my favorite photos of my family, even though my dad isn't in the picture. I remember the day perfectly and we actually had my whole family at my house that day because it was Mother's Day; that's why the picture is only of my brother, my mom, and I. This picture is so spontaneous and we didn't even mean to take it because none of us were "ready" when my dad took the picture. Every time I see it, it makes me laugh and takes me back to summer (or the beginning of summer) when life was easy and stress free from school. 

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